Sunday, August 26, 2012

the current me on etsy

I lived several glorious years in hawaii and while exploring the beaches there, I fell back in love with beachcombing....collecting shells and driftwood....and of course, seaglass. Beautiful shades of seafoam and creamy white....some beaches loaded with it, others offering up just a few precious pieces. What an adventure to be knee-deep in warm, turquoise ocean waves...picking up seaglass and shells. It was also in hawaii where I decided to open my etsy shop and let my creative spirit soar.
When we moved back to the mainland last year, I was in transition. I still have tons of hawaii seaglass but I began to explore northern california beaches and gather up the surf-tumbled signature seaglass here. Much more rounded and frosted.....and older vintage colors.
So .... what to do with my 'watercolorskyhawaii' etsy shop? Not wanting to misrepresent myself, not wanting to pretend I was still living in hawaii, yet offering BOTH hawaii and california seaglass.....I decided to change my etsy name just a little, so that no matter where I roam to beachcomb, I am still WaterColorSky.
You can now find my etsy shop under WaterColorSkyBlue. I am still having fun with etsy thanks to my wonderful customers....some from here in the bay area....some all the way from south africa and even from back in hawaii. Thank you all for your support and allowing me to continue to beachcomb and use all those amazing finds in my creative process.

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