Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday BeachCombing

We started the day with a huge "good morning" rainbow outside over our lanai...then off to the beach.

Low tide was at 4am and we made it out there by about 7...had the place to ourselves. Only other people there were a couple of paddleboarders ready to get into the water.
Bill always heads up to the high tide line and searches out what has been left up there, while I love to be down at waters edge, dodging the waves and getting soaked as they crash and bring up new glass onto the beach.
We found alot of seaglass, rocks, pottery and shells...pictured here after I gave them a quick wash at home....

One beauty of the day was this big dark green that looked black on the beach...

But the absolute prize of the day was a small piece of first ever orange find on all the beaches of Hawaii.....I was and am thrilled....!

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  1. Lovely finds and even more spectacular photos!